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Tech Tip: How to spot a fake email?

Here are a few tips to follow if an email looks suspicious.

What are some ways to spot a fake email?

​While scammers make every attempt to make an email look legitimate, there are a few things you can look for to help you spot fake ones.

  • Check the “from” email address and be aware that even this can be spoofed.

  • Look for spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

  • Check that links in emails are legitimate before clicking on them by hovering over the links with your mouse to see where they go to.

  • For instance: You receive an email from Amazon in your inbox. It looks like it is from Amazon, however, you know you did not make any changes to your account. You move your mouse pointer above the link, hold it there and hover, and the link then appears in text form. If it looks suspicious, we recommend you do not click. Take time to login to your Amazon account and change your password. You might also give Amazon a call, to confirm everything is okay with your account. This is a proactive approach in making sure your account is not compromised.

  • NEVER open or download anything unless you are 100% sure it is from a safe source, especially if it is an .EXE file type.

When in doubt - don't click. Contact who it appears to be from and confirm they sent you the link or file.



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