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Automatic Call Back


Automatic Call Back will enable you to automatically reach busy numbers.  You may also use it to redial the last number dialed from your phone.

Automatic Call Back redials the last number you dialed.

To Activate Automatic Call Back:

  • Upon reaching a busy number, hang up.

  • Immediately lift the receiver and dial *66 (rotary dial 1166).

  • You may listen to the recorded announcement or simply hang up.

  • The telephone system will check the line you called for 30 minutes.  When that line clears, your phone will get a special ring.

  • If you answer it, it will then ring through to the number you wished to call.

  • You may also dial *66 (rotary dial 1166) to redial the last number you called.


To Deactivate Automatic Call Back:

  • Dial *86 (rotary dial 1186).


Automatic Recall


Automatic Recall returns calls to the last number that called you, whether or not you answered the phone.

To Activate Automatic Recall:

  • Dial *69 (rotary 1169).

  • Follow recorded instructions.

  • If the line is:

    • not busy, listen for the normal ring.

    • busy, listen for announcement, then hang up.

    • When the line clears, your phone will get a special ring.

  • When you pick up the receiver, the number will automatically be redialed.


To Deactivate Automatic Recall: Dial *89 (rotary dial 1189).


Call Forwarding

You can forward your incoming calls to another number.  Call Forwarding is great for the business person who wants to catch after-hours business calls at home, or for anyone on the go who does not want to miss an important call.

To Forward Your Calls:

  • Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone.

  • Dial *72 (rotary dial 1172).

  • Again, listen for the dial tone.

  • Now, dial the number where you wish your calls forwarded, followed by a # sign (rotary simply wait).  Speed Calling codes may be used if you also have this feature.

  • If someone answers at the number, Call Forwarding is established.

  • If the call is not answered, hang up, and within 2 minutes repeat the process.  Call Forwarding will be activated, and you will hear confirmation beeps.

Once you have activated Call Forwarding, the phone will ring one short time each time a call is forwarded.  You can still make out-going calls from this phone without interfering with incoming calls.


To Deactivate:

If you wish to deactivate your Call Forwarding, or change the number your calls are being transferred to, just push *73 (rotary dial 1173) and wait for the confirmation beeps.  You may now repeat the Call Forwarding procedure.

Call Trace

Call Trace allows you to automatically trace the last incoming call you received.  A successful trace receives a success message.  At this time contact the police for further assistance.

To Activate Call Trace:

  • Hang up.

  • Lift the receiver and dial *57 (rotary dial 1157).


Notes On Call Trace: Traced call information is provided to a law enforcement agency only, not to the subscriber.

It is essential that Call Trace action, dialing *57 (rotary dial 1157) be done immediately after you hang up the phone following the offending call.  If you delay taking action and receive a subsequent call, Call Trace will not trace the original number.  There will be a charge for each activated Call Trace.

Call Waiting & Cancel Call Waiting

Call Waiting allows you to receive a second call while you are using your phone, so you don't have to worry about missing an important call.  If someone dials your number while you are using your phone, you may do one of the following:

  • Hang up.  This ends your first call.  The phone will ring and when you pick it up you are connected to the second call.

  • Depress the receive button for 1 second and release.  Your first call is put on "hold" and you are connected to the second caller.

    You can alternate between calls each time you depress and release the receiver button for 1 second.  Each conversation is private.

  • Ignore the beep.  Keep talking to your first call.  The second caller will not interrupt you, but they may think you are not at home because they will hear a normal ring.


To "Turn Off" Call Waiting or use your Cancel Call Waiting feature:

  • Lift the receiver for dial tone.

  • Push *70 (rotary dial 1170).

  • You will hear a dial tone again.  Simply dial your call as you normally would.

  • Your Call Waiting will be cancelled for the remainder of that one call only.  Callers will hear a busy signal.  When you hang up, your Call Waiting feature will be automatically reactivated.

Caller ID


This service lets you know who is calling by displaying their telephone number on a special phone or a display unit attached to your phone which you may lease or buy from us.  Caller ID helps you to identify annoying or harassing calls and gives you peace of mind.  Additionally, your phone number will appear to the person you are calling if they subscribe to Caller ID and have a display unit or Caller ID telephone.


The telephone number of the person calling you will appear on your Caller ID display after the first full ring on your phone, unless they have blocked delivery of their number with one of the following Caller ID Blocking features.

To Activate Caller ID -- Per Call Blocking...

This service is automatically provided free of charge on your telephone line if you are a Bijou Telephone subscriber.  To prevent your telephone number from appearing to the person you are calling, simply dial *67 (rotary dial 1167) before dialing each call.

Calling ID Per Line Blocking...

You may subscribe to this service to keep your number from appearing to the person you are calling unless you unblock the service on a per call basis by dialing *82 (rotary 1182) before making a call.  If you subscribe to Caller ID Per Line Blocking, use this code before you call and your number will appear to the person you are calling.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot block transmission of your telephone number for calls to 911 or 800/888 numbers, regardless of the blocking option you choose.


Distinctive Ring or "Teen Line"


Gives you a second telephone number which will ring differently on your phone.  Calls to this Distinctive Ring number will also give you a distinctive Call Waiting tone if you are also a Call Waiting subscriber.  Great for kids, roommates, and fax machines... any time you want to know who the calls are for.

Expanded Local Calling


All 303 and 720 numbers are on a local measured rate.  There are currently two options available:


Option 1: Limited Local Calling. All calls to prefixes noted in this document are toll free. All other 303 & 720 area code phone numbers will be billed on a local measured rate of $.10 per minute.

Option 2: Expanded Local Calling. All 303 & 720 area code numbers will be assessed for a flat rate of $14.50 per month, per line (no per minute charge).

Speed Calling


Now you can call emergency, frequently dialed, or long distance numbers just by dialing one or two numbers.

You have a choice of selecting either a short list of eight (8) telephone numbers or a longer list of thirty (30) numbers.  If you have selected 8 Number Speed Calling, but want to switch to 30 Number Speed Calling, just call to let us know.

To Enter Or Change Your Speed Calling List:

  • Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone.

  • If you have 8 Number Speed Calling, dial *74 on a touch tone phone (rotary dial 1174).

  • If you have 30 Number Speed Calling, dial *75 on a touchtone phone (rotary dial 1175).

  • Listen for the second dial tone.

  • Dial one of the Speed Calling codes: On 8 Number Speed Calling, dial any number from 2 through 9.
    On 30 Number Speed Calling, dial any number from 20 through 49.

  • Then immediately dial the phone number you wish to enter under that Speed Calling number. (For long distance entries, remember to include the
    "1" and the area code if needed).

  • Press the # button (on rotary dial phone, omit this step and wait).

  • Listen for the confirmation beeps which indicate that your number has been entered.


To Use Your Speed Calling Feature:

  • Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone.

  • Dial the appropriate Speed Calling Code.

    • 8 Number Speed Calling (2 through 9)

    • 30 Number Speed Calling (20 through 49)

  • Press the # button (on rotary dial phones, omit this step and wait).

  • Your call will not be automatically dialed.


Three-Way Calling


Three-Way Calling allows you to add a third party to a local or long distance conversation.


To Use Three-Way Calling:

  • Establish your first call.  Someone can call you or you can call them.

  • Depress the receiver button for 1 second and release.  This puts the first person on "hold".

  • Dial the third person's telephone number.

  • After dialing, or when the third person answers, again depress the receiver button for 1 second and release to complete the

    Three-Way Call.

  • If you do not get an answer, depress and release the receiver button twice, each time for 1 second to return to your first call.


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