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Benefits of a Cooperative

When you subscribe to Bijou services, you are making an investment in a company that is local, employs your neighbors and family, and gives back to the communities it serves. The more you use Bijou services, the stronger the cooperative grows! Become a member today and experience the ABCs of Cooperative Impact!

  • Access: Co-ops make certain products or services that would otherwise be out of reach accessible to certain markets or communities.

  • Business sustainability: The cooperative structure can make a business more stable and help a company work through rough patches.

  • Community commitment: Co-ops commit to their local community and will often work to uphold the values of a community through financial services, educational programs or business practices.

  • Democratic governance and empowerment: Because co-ops are democratic, they often help to increase people’s civic involvement.

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion: Voluntary membership means that cooperatives are often accurate reflections of the diversity of a community. Voluntary membership also makes co-ops inclusive organizations.

  • Financial security and advancement for workers: Cooperatives often serve the needs of their members by providing worker-members with living wages, the ability to move up the career ladder and financial stability.

  • Growth: By offering high-quality products and services, good jobs and investing in a local community, co-ops can grow and promote growth in the community they serve.



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