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811 Call Before You Dig
811 Call Before You Dig

When anyone digs in Colorado, whether planting a tree or digging the foundation of a skyscraper, there is a high probability of an underground utility line being within the site. Did you know that hand tools can damage gas lines? More than 80% of "no call" damages involving hand tools damaged gas facilities. Even when gardening, it's always smart to Call Before You Dig.


  1. Contact 811 by calling 811 from anywhere in Colorado or go Online at Hours of Operation are Monday-Friday, 7am to 5pm. This will notify all utility companies in your area. If you have an Emergency Notification request it may be processed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 811.

  2. The utility companies have 3 days to get their underground lines marked before you can plan on digging. Unless of course, it is an emergency. Marks are good while visible up to 30 days.

  3. Colorado 811 will notify the utility owners in the area where you plan to dig. Each Utility owner will send a utility locator to your dig site to mark the location or to inform you they have no facilities in conflict with your dig location.

  4. Colorado 811 will provide you with all the utility owners’ contact information that have underground utilities at your dig site.

  5. If you do not contact 811 before you dig and you cause damage to the underground lines there are penalties.

a. Penalty for not contacting 811 is $200

b. If an underground utility is damaged as a result of you digging penalties are as follows:

  • $5,000 for the first offense

  • Up to $25,000 for each subsequent event in a 12 month period

  • Up to $75,000 for more than three damages in a 12 month period

General contact information

Phone: 303-232-1991



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